Select Salmon House

 In 1967

our family began a journey of worldwide flavours

Travelling the vast atlantic we arrived

in Norway

and continued on

to Scotland

In these two countries
we were introduced to what would
become our leading product



Smoked Salmon

Its flavour transported us


to the fjords of Norway
and the lakes and lochs of Scotland.

In traditional ovens
we found salmon being smoked
over oak wood or hanging by its tail
next to one another over beech wood.

We searched and found


the best smoked salmon houses,
created our own smoking recipes
for the salmon
and were taught to cut smoked salmon
the traditional scottish way.

Our journey did not stop there.

Our passion for gourmet foods continued with the search for more flavours,
which took us to the Caspian sea
between Russia and Iran.

There we learned


about the production of caviar
nd collaborated with the best companies in the business.

Next we arrived in the depths
of France

Mother to the best cheeses
Brie, Camembert, Roquefort…

Guided through underground tunnels of 90% humidity,
in traditional villages
to find
the best cheese for the Greek market.

The Italian temperament
will not go un-noticed.

We moved south
and arrived in Italy.

We learned
how to cut
by hand

and found
the best cured meats
and the most delicious

Finally, not forgetting

beautiful Greece.

From the north to the Peloponnese
and all the beautiful islands
we found an abundance of traditional products,
reminding us of our village roots.

Traditional cheeses from Lesbos, Naxos,
and Crete, Olive Oil, olives and honey
and many other products produced by our country
which will never be lacking
from our dinner tables.

because here we know to enjoy…

From experiences gained
“Select” based in Kolonaki was to become
one of the best delicatessen of its time

Mr Triantaphyllos Chatzitriantafyllou
continues the family tradition specializing
in the field of taste
satisfaction and haute cuisine
In 1991 he created

Select Salmon House


“My passion for satisfying the palate prompted me to obtain the best products and make them available to the Greek market.  I always want my customers to be ‘deliciously’ satisfied and I believe Select Salmon House has succeeded.”

Triantaphyllos Chatzitriantafyllou

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