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Truffles and Mushrooms

Truffles Mushrooms

Garlic for the rich, as they say…

Truffles are a fruiting group of ascomycetes, which grow in the roots of higher plants. Truffles are tuber size mushrooms, usually measuring 2 to 7 cm, grey/black to pale white in colour and produced in the ground at a depth of approximately 6 to 15 cm. The first references to truffles dates back to 1880 B.C. and ever since their particular nutritional characteristics have been appreciated worldwide. The black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) acquired the name “black diamond” a characterisation which indicates its great value.

The truffle is a relatively rare underground mushroom which coexists and grows on the roots of certain tree or shrub species.
Truffles are the fruiting bodies of the fungi family.  The existence of the underground fruiting fungi is considered to be due to their adaptation to the environment, for example, forest fires, extreme weather conditions during the seasons in which other species of mushrooms that grow above the ground would be exposed.

Like all fungi, they are heterotrophic organisms and cannot produce substances necessary for their survival.  To address this deficiency they attach themselves to other species of trees and shrubs creating a relationship called “mycorrhizal symbiosis” which benefits both parties.  This coexistence takes place on both woody and herbaceous plants, specific to forest species, such as hornbeam, cedar, hazel, pine, poplar, oak, willow and linden.

White Truffle

This is an extremely rare underground mushroom, the price of which can exceed 6,000 euros per kilo! The white truffle, until now was only found in four countries around the world, Italy, Spain, Croatia and Slovenia. The first white truffle (Tuber magnatum) was found in Greece in October 2010 in Kastoria.  It has a much more intense aroma than the black summer truffle, therefore is used less in cooking.

  • Whole summer truffle
  • Truffle sauce – Tartufata
  • Pieces of truffle – Tartufata
  • Black and white truffle oil
  • Pesto with truffle
  • Black and white truffle butter
  • Rice with grated truffle
  • Black and White creamed truffle
  • Thinly sliced truffle – Carpaccio di Tartufo

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