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We have consulted with our nutritionist with regard to the preparation and quality of all our product ingredients. Each product has been tried and tested to bring to you the best  choice of products for you to enjoy.

We have chosen the most delicious gluten free savoury and sweet biscuits from “Love More,” the best flavoured gluten free sauces from “La Favorita” and we did not stop there!
At Select Salmon House you can find gluten free pasta, milk, butter, coconut flour and gluten free cereal bars from “wish” for healthy cravings.

What is gluten intolerance?

Clinical Nutritionist:  Maria Toumpi

A person’s body assumes gluten as a “toxic” agent, resulting in the destruction of the intestines, which are essential for the absorption process.

The ingestion of the protein gluten by a person suffering from  gluten intolerance or celiac’s disease, can result in weight loss, anemia, weakness and general malnutrition.

The main allergens are found in nuts, eggs, some fish and shellfish, cereals containing gluten, sesame, soy bean, milk, mustard and many preservatives found in packaged foods.
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Individuals who suffer from such eating disorders, have difficulty in finding daily treats which everyone else take for granted.

Now at Select Salmon House   there is no reason to miss out!

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