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Greek production of Truffles Products

Greek production Truffles

The effort we make and our philosophy is focused on combining the truffle that our land produces with products unique in taste and quality that are carefully selected from all of Greece, without having one overshadow the other, but rather bring out the best in each other with regard to both taste and quality.

In this area, surrounded by an old beech forest, we run our truffle and wild mushroom processing unit, using once again the Mediterranean sun as the sole source of electrical energy that caters for our needs.

Even our need for water is covered by a borehole in our estate that draws from underground water deposits there.

This is yet another element that makes the processing of our products unique, in that both the land and the water are free of any chemicals, and the energy we use is clean, something that cannot be seen but is definitely felt with all our senses.

At a safe distance from industrial zones and pollution, we are happy to labor, showing love and respect towards nature, in order to provide the best our land can offer.

We have selected extra-virgin olive oil from the northern Peloponnese, which due to its geographical position  exactly in the middle of the Mediterranean has its oil producing olive trees yield one of the noblest aromatic extra-virgin olive oils in Greece; so much as it is often used in blends to upgrade lower quality oil.

We combine this extra-virgin olive oil ‘as is’ with selected flavors and aromas of white or black truffle.

This is evident not only by the aftertaste of this unique product, but also by its color (golden-green) and its behavior in cooling: products containing extra-virgin olive oil are much more likely to solidify.

Variety of products

  • Black Truffle Oil
  • White truffle oil
  • Τruffle slices and whole summer truffle
  • Fresh White and Black Truffle

Quality has a name
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