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Bottarga Trikalinos

A healthy delicacy of high nutritional value

The Bottarga is nothing more than mullet roe (bafas eggs, the name given to it by the fishermen).  It is slowly and carefully dried, salted and covered in genuine beeswax. In Byzantine times, it was considered a fine delicacy.  During the Turkish occupation it was given by the Greeks as payment.  Later the Italians ate it with oil and lemon.  Today, it holds a prominent position in the international market of gourmet products and many consider it superior to the Caspian sea caviar.

Bottarga is a natural product without preservatives with a high nutritional value.  It has a delicate, velvety texture but is known to have a long lasting aftertaste.  A product intended for the more sensitive and delicate palettes.
The  bottarga is a greek product and a superior culinary delicacy of the highest quality, which seals in the multi-level flavours of sea breeze, peat and iodine in conjunction with a long lasting creamy aftertaste of roasted almonds.

Bottarga Golden Age

Coming from a unique, limited edition. Destined for the more sensitive and sophisticated palates, with short shelf life, always consumed fresh with freshly baked bread.

  • Coming from a unique, limited edition and selection of the most golden roes fromTrikalinos Grey Mullet Bottarga production, it is sealed in a thin film of natural bee’s wax.
  • A gastronomic delicacy of superior quality that has sealed a multileveled palette in its core: the sea breeze, peat and iodine along with the long lasting creamy aftertaste of roasted almonds.

Enjoy Bottarga

Slices alone on a plate will offer you an unforgettable pure experience, which will be slightly enhanced and more satiating when served with freshly baked bread or warm blinis. On the other hand it will obviously upgrade its taste in green salads as well as on pasta, accompanied by parsley galore. Finally for the most daring, two slices on top of a readymade foie gras may open the gates of a new gastronomic nirvana.

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